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Why choose e-learning?

We take safety and costs seriously.
That is why we offer E-learning courses at a low price
E-learning is cost effective for you and your business.

You get a more flexible solution on the way to take the courses.
The implementation can be done when you have time, which is important today in a hectic everyday life for many companies.
What previously could cause an entire company to stop production for one or more days, can now be done online as E-learning.
Then the courses can be completed when it is time to sit down for a while.
You can continue where you left off the last time you visited the course.

Example of saving ..
Before, a company with 100 employees had to be sent on courses for training in, for example, fire protection.
This takes a full working day for the company. The cost of this course will then be about 1700, - per person in course fee, then there is a loss of earnings of 450, - per employee with social costs etc…
Each employee for driving (difficult to determine)
The calculation will then be as follows:
100 x 1700, - = 170000, - + 100 x 450 = 45000, - Sum: 215000, -
If your company chooses to let the employees take the course as E-learning, the calculation is as follows:
100 x 450, - = 45000, - + salary for 2 hours per employee
100 x 450 = 45000, - The sum will then be 90000, -
Here there is a saving of 125000, - just for a course for 100 pcs.

(450, - is the contract price for fire protection courses when there are many in the company)

Online course from us

We offer online courses in HSE, safety and work equipment
Documented training is required in most professions, and now you can take some of these courses as online courses.
If your company wants in-company courses, this can be held at their company by appointment.
Contact Haug Media, and we will adapt courses to their needs.
If your company wants an agreement with us, you will get reduced prices on the courses.

If your company needs customized courses based on dangers, security and other internal requirements in the company, we can adapt courses for their company.
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Trade with Klarna, the courses will be available immediately when the order is placed.

We now offer courses in fire protection.
These courses can be tailored to your business with instructions that are specific to your business. If the company has more than 5 employees who will have courses, this does not cost anything extra.

Contact us for offers of courses for your company.

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Online course from us

We have extensive expertise in online security courses.
Several years of experience from the profession within management, practice, sales and follow-up to industry.
The courses we deliver satisfy the requirements for Documented training.
We take safety for employees seriously.